Tuesday, July 10, 2012

virtapay scam or legit

I have been a member of virtapay.com since fall of 2010. They said in their early days that money in my account with them would become accessable through a bank account someday. It has been nearly two full years and nothing so far. Virtapay does state that the money in ones account is virtual currency. There are websites selling virtapay exchanger software but much of the software does not work and or contains malware. I have invested a lot of time and a small amount of real money to get my virtapay balance up over a million dollars.

And if this is real E currency.. than.they not earn commission from add..many many member bought add sharing ..and virtapay earn commission....
and thay say free member not participate testing the upcoming debit card system.
and also they say invite people ..and 2 tymes already test completed  testing the  debit card.
it is amazing Ecarrency have 2 types member free and premium crazy.. ...... 
In year 2010 they say site public  open less than 5 month..
after 5 month ..theay say ..after 3 or 4 weeks
after few weeks thay change paybox to virtapay..
and than say public open in few month 
3years completed still few month not completed ..
bur they earn many money 
from us ...........
thay have no forum ......
it is very easy make a forumm.........or free forum/////////

and few scam people.. they have their own people .........those if they want they can ban them easily..but they are not band their account..
few list ..down

Is VirtaPay a Scam?

This one is tough because there’s nothing really going on here. There’s no product to buy or money to invest. You sign up for an account, receive $25 and VirtaPay promises to “give” you $20 every day that you sign in. Only problem is, you can’t actually do anything with the money. It’s just some arbitrary number that goes up every day.
That’s really all there is to the program.
I checked their Facebook fan page and there are currently some 49,000 people who ‘Like’ Virtapay. Let’s assume the company has 50,000 members total. I’m sure that number is much higher, but the nice rounded number will make for some easy math.
Okay, 50,000 members all receiving a $25 sign on bonus comes out to $1.25 MILLION dollars they’ve just “giving” away for no reason. Plus, they give out $20 per day just for signing in. Again, at 50,000 members this is ONE MILLION DOLLARS PER DAY FOR DOING NOTHING. There’s no way a company can just give away a million dollars EVERY single day for no reason at all. That’s not how businesses work.
Let’s envision this program off the Internet. Say there’s a store that hands out $20 bills just for walking in the front door. You walk in, collect your $20, then walk out.
That’s it!
It sounds completely absurd, no? The line to get into the store would be miles long. If that wasn’t enough to convince you, let me just point out this little paragraph from the Terms & Condition page…
All account balances are held in VirtaPay virtual currency. VirtaPay maintains a virtual currency that is autonomous and independent of all nations and governments. The VirtaPay currency is denominated in dollars and cents (similar to the currency of the United States and over 20 other countries). The VirtaPay currency is currently in a closed system, and cannot be exchanged or spent outside of this system. Our plans include person-to-person transactions, integration with merchants and shopping cart systems, and much more. As is the case with any currency, once the VirtaPay currency comes into widespread use, its value as weighted against other world currencies can and will fluctuate due to market forces such as supply and demand, etc.
That’s straight from VirtaPay’s mouth. The money is useless and means nothing. You can’t exchange it or spend it on anything outside of VirtaPay. It’s absolutely meaningless and VirtaPay agrees.

VIRTAPAY CHANGE MONEY - http://shoponlinevirtapay.weebly.com/virtapay-change-money.html
Status: Scam (VP$ sent on 18/02/12, money not received on AlertPay as of 20/04/12.)
Status: Scam (Just an easy way to accumulate ANNO 1777 referrals.)
HitsVids VirtaPay Converter - http://www.hits-vids.com/virtapay/
Status: Scam (Just an easy way to accumulate Facebook likes and advertisement clicks.)
Virtapay Exchanger - http://virtapayexchanger.co.cc/
Status: Possible Scam (Same content and information as other sites, horrendous design, asking for access fee.)
VirtaPay API Exchange - http://virtapayapiexchange.co.cc/
Status: Possible Scam (Horrible design, asking for access fees, provided address is in the middle of nowhere.)
Virtapay Auto Converter - http://virtapayautoconvertr.co.cc/
Status: Possible Scam (Website full of referral links and advertisements, same text and access fees as other sites.)
Status: Possible Scam (Page created on a free site builder, extremely aggressive promotion, asking for access fee, publicly denounces other website with the same text and fees as it, even though the other website also accuses it of plagiarism.)
Status: Possible Scam (Horrible grammar, asking for access fee, publicly denounces other website with the same text and fees as it, even though the other website also accuses it of plagiarism.)
Easy Gold Exchange - http://www.easygoldexchange.biz/
Status: Possible Scam (Horrible grammar, abominable website full of ads, plagiarized text, outrageous access fees.)
Transfer Virtapay Money To Western Union - http://www.transfermoneytowesternunion.info/
Status: Possible Scam (Although the website is generally more complete than the other ones, the design is still horrible, many grammatical and spelling errors exist, you need to be a member to even view the forum and access the “Payment Proof” section and the pages are full of ads.)
Status: Possible Scam (Publicly denounces other website with similar text and fees as it, even though the other website also accuses it of plagiarism, page full of ads, hosted on a free service (Blogger), horrible design and English knowledge, link shown in one of the screenshots is invalid.)
E-Money Changer v3 - http://emoneychangerv3.tk/
Status: Possible Scam (Publicly denounces other website with similar text and fees as it, even though the other website also accuses it of plagiarism, horrible English knowledge and design, link shown in one of the screenshots is invalid.)
Transfer Virtapay Money To Western Union (Blogger) - http://transfermoneytowesternunioninfo.blogspot.com/
Status: Possible Scam (A complete ripoff of this website’s main page, which also publicly denounces it for plagiarism. Horrible spelling and grammar, abominable design.)
Mousetraptraffic Trading Platform - http://mousetraptraffic.com/index.php
Status: Verified (Money received on Moneybookers twice.)

 wake up ......guys.


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  6. I think Virtapay now are SCAM because I can't withdraw money and vitapay money not real the proof we must purchase digital products not real products. Very fooling for trust virtapay, and I'm fooling too that is sucks!
    Please guys don't be fooled to upgrade your member is wasting your money.

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  8. VirtaPay made realmoney from the activation of the ad sharing which has been deactivated and now says buy product again to get activated.
    AS of this reading sounds like a scam, would like to get my ad sharing $17 bucks back x 2 and the time spent promoting the program.

  9. Just go to Virtapay forum and read the comments f member named Prince
    he is the person who can explain everything about virtapay.

  10. Those who are complaining about deactivation of virtapay ad sharing please enter the click bank code which you received when you first bought premium membership. Just enter it and it will be activated again. No need to buy premium membership again. Just use the same click bank code which you received earlier.

  11. The people who created this site is laughing all the way to the bank.Every day having tens of thousand of people log in on the web site?Even if he found a way to monetize that traffic at 1-2 cents per click, He still makes thousands of dollars daily.Do you really think the play money is going to turn real? SNAP OUT OF IT

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  14. Governments create currency with no collateral all the time and nobody seems to care. Why all the fuss when a group of private individuals do the same thing? Dollars, Pounds, Yen, etc. it's all a scam.

  15. Dear every one is relative scam because if we not giving value for this is no have value so useless but if some one make a website where is can buy and sell this currency than is a real money just need a selling and a buying website

  16. Nice article ! I did a whois lookup for this site www.virtapay.com.com here WhoisXY.com . Here i got formatted information. Then i have searched some reviews in Google finally i saw some reviews here Scamadviser.com i got this message "Low Trust Rating. This Site May Not Be Safe to Use." and here Webutation.net i got 40% web reputation. From these reviews, this site is not safe to use

  17. Don't trust those kind of sites that are too good to be true. I have a list of sites that really pay. Guaranteed! Some sites are free to join while others have a small invesment to join. Check my blog:

  18. VirtaPay not run now because it's VirtaCoin :D

  19. Hey virtapay members virtapay changed to virtacoin we are needing help from you we are in charge of this new crypto coin online http://www.reddit.com/r/VirtaCoin/ is alot of info
    first thing to do old members of virtapay is sign into your old virtapay account then follow the info on there if you need any help make a post at reddit us at customer support will be sure to help you it is not a scam the gov just would not allow them to have they own currency i knew that much there new coin online is being traded for bitcoin on exchanges online now

  20. My wallet won't work, I followed all the directions and it keeps saying "no block source available" and "6 weeks behind" I know this is almost worthless currency but I've been building on it for so many years now, I was one of the first to get in back when they gave 200 virta dollars for signing up and 40 every time you logged in after that. Now it looks like my thousands are not accessible at all. There never was a way to get support or to contact virta pay and there still isn't. Can anyone help?

    1. Hi jon2772

      I'm also in EXACTLY the same position as you and get the same results when trying to set up my VP Wallet. I've tried over and over again, my wife also has a VP Account and gets the same results as we do, so it would appear to be a common issue.

      Maybe it's 'intended' to fail, and as there is no Support or any contact 'info' (This should have put us on our toes years ago) this is the way out for them, whoever them is!


      Jeff (UK)

    2. I fully agree, Steve, and I should have realized years ago when there was no method to change the password or email them. For a while it sounded like there was a contact method as in the blog they were always saying something like "after surveying our members...." or, "our members voted on....." but there never was any method to contact, at least none that I could find. It appears that this thing may finally be toast.